Inspired by Earth and Ocean

With soul and earth, making exquisite, unique pieces in sterling silver and object of earth and ocean, creating sculptural, minimalist jewellery

Nature Inspired Jewellery

Sacred Geometry

Creation stories, the sacred connection we hold from the simple to the most complex... 

Nature Inspired

Sterling Silver creations in brushed silver finish, matte finish and polished silver... 

  • Necklaces

    Nature inspired contemporary silver design, created and handcrafted in small batches to produce unique and quality jewellery to empower your inner feminine rising, and to breathe connection into our everyday lives.

  • Silver triangle ring


    For everyday wear all bangles are made to last! Forever pieces inspired by earth, ocean and spirit. Create your own unqiue collection.

  • Earrings

    Handmade unique designed earrings inspired by Earth and Ocean.

    Nature inspired creations from me to you......